Joseph Kolitz President & CEO

Elul Energy Ltd.

Joseph Kolitz

Joseph Kolitz has a long association with the Israeli fuel market and was personally involved in its evolution. From 1993-98, he served as director of the Government Fuel Authority, where he was responsible for reforms in the fuel market and ending government intervention in the purchase of crude oil, while assuring its guarded transportation in an emergency. He ended the monopoly on aircraft fueling and transformed the structure of emergency fuel supply reserves.

From 1985-93, he was vice president and acting managing director of the National Coal Supply Corp., where he established the foundations and basic policies for the large-scale purchase of coal and its sea transport. As advisor to the Minister of Energy & Infrastructure in 1981-85, Kolitz was involved in policy planning for oil market reforms by the Government and in initial steps of introducing coal as a fuel generating electricity. Prior to joining the Government in 1981, he managed a family trading and tourism business in Jerusalem.

A 1979 LLB, accepted in the Israeli Bar Association, BA in economics and a certificate in business administration from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a certified (orthodox) Rabbi.

Born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1945, married to Zehava, father to Yehonatan, Yael, Nadav and Aviad  (killed in active duty while serving in the IDF).