David Kolitz Chairman & CEO, Elul Tamarynd Ltd.

David Kolitz

Elul Tamarynd Ltd. is a private company, which consists of a group of technology oriented companies, operating in marketing and services in aerospace and defense; energy, life sciences, lasers, systems, sub-assemblies and components.

The group provides comprehensive services of business development. marketing, sales, consulting, technologistics and offset management services. It is associated with leading technology oriented multinationals in the US, Israel and India.

David Kolitz is a member, the State Council for the Perpetuation of the Memory of Israel’s Presidents and Prime Ministers; member, Executive board, INSS Institute for National Security Studies; member of the board, Hillel Israel Ltd.; ; member, executive committee, America-Israel Friendship League; and member of the board of Israel-Amercia Chamber of Commerce.

A former founding chairman and board member, Taldor Computers Systems Ltd.; board member, Discount Capital Markets & Investments Ltd.; founding chairman, Aryt Optronics Industries Ltd.; a joint founder, board member, Granite Investment Group; board member, Sonol Oil Co.; Supergas Ltd.; board member the First International Bank; export manager, TAAL Plywood Industries.

A former member of the executive committee and board of governors, the Jewish Agency; the presidency, ICA – the state Industrial Cooperation Authority; Vice Chairman, member of the presidency, Israel Federation of Chambers of Commerce; member, the presidency, Israel’s Manufacturers Association.

Chairman of Beth Hatefutsoth, the Jewish Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv; member, board of governors, Hebrew University Jerusalem; board member, Hadassah Medical Center, Jerusalem; chairman, board of trustees, Tel Aviv Medical Center; founding chairman, the Israeli Forum.

Special assistant to defense minister Ezer Weizman during the peace negotiations with Egypt 1977-1980; assistant to transportation ministers Ezer Weizman and Shimeon Peres respectively 1969-1971; assistant to Jerusalem Mayor, Teddy Kollek during the 1967 reunification of the City; editor, Nitzotz, Hebrew University and Technion Students’ paper; journalist Yediot AharonotHatzofehHerut andHayom dailies.

Born in Jerusalem, 1943, B.A. (1969) political science, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Married to Naomi, father to Ariel (b.1970), Yadin (b.1973) and Tamara (b.1979).